Explorer | Musician | Child of God | Chinese/American/Canadian | Food Science

That’s who my Instagram description says I am and I guess I liked it so much that I’ve kept it here too. But I wrote it so why wouldn’t it be accurate?

I have a story. You have a story. And while these stories need to be heard, in the end..we are all more than a story but still simple wayfarers of life.

Oh you’re asking for my name, age, hometown, hobbies, and all other necessary components? A blog cannot contain the entire person I am; it is just a colorful collection of my stories. So what am I? Who am I? I am more than those defining traits. I am more than what I can sum myself up to be in 140 characters. I am more. More than a story.

Please entertain my words on this blog in which I use as my main outlet of extravert-ness.

Please also leave feedback and tell me if my A in RHET105 or my 80 in Gr.11 English was better justified.

email: michelle@immorethanastory.com