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Day 2 of 2 in Colorado Springs: Price Breakdown

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$27.67 Gosh uber is pricey at 9:30am on a Saturday morning going to Pikes Peak. When I searched up the route last night it was around $18, but because of increased popularity and demand, the prices went up, but I had no choice but to pay it and leave at that time because I had a Cog Railway ticket ($41) leaving at 10:40am, requiring me to be there 30mins early. The ride was 3hr 10mins, taking us all the way up to the 14,115ft summit. It was much colder so my sweater and jacket kept me cozy. I had a tank underneath since it was hot at the bottom of the mountain, so I don’t recommend wearing crazy layers all day. Just remember to pack warm clothes. After the ride, I ate my second avocado toast of the day, the fourth of the trip. Avocado is my favorite food, so I was still pretty happy and content eating it.

Pike’s Peak: second most visited mountain in the world, behind Mount Fuji in Japan

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Day 1 of 2 in Colorado Springs: Price Breakdown

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I needed a getaway.

School had just started, yes, but I already needed to get away from campus. Before school started I was excited to come back to school and see my friends and get acquainted back to campus life, but when I actually came, things didn’t roll as smoothly as I thought they would. Without going into too much detail… I basically had a lot of situations, relationships, and problems left unresolved and I started feeling an overwhelming amount of different emotions: depression, anxiety, paranoia, social isolation, low self-esteem, and doubt. I knew if I stayed where I was, sulking in this mountain of feelings, that it would snowball so fast and I would be out of control. It’s a scary place to be, and so Thursday night, August 31, I booked a plane ticket to Colorado Springs, Colorado. It didn’t take much research or thought. In fact, I had never even heard of Colorado Springs, but for some reason, my heart yearned and so my fingers typed and my hands followed.

$191.40 round trip from Chicago O’hare to Colorado Springs Airport. I immediately booked a bus to leave from Champaign Friday morning at 5:20am so I packed my things that night and tried to call a campsite to reserve a bunkhouse for Friday night, but I couldn’t reach them, so I left a message and departed the next morning having no idea where I would sleep that night. Oh it’s also worth mentioning that after the bus left I remembered I didn’t have my passport and I thought my trip would not be happening. Luckily my Ontario Driver’s License was another accepted piece of ID for travelling domestic.

About 5 steps into the hiking trail I realized I wasn’t a hiker.

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